Help!!! Is this right????


Mar 10, 2008
Just got an EVGA GTX 216 SSC to go in my i7 920. All working fine Nvidia Control Panel system info says:

Graphics Clock 675 MHz
Processor Clock 1453 MHz
Memory Clock 1151 MHz (2302 MHz Data Rate)

But Riva & Easy tune both show:

Core 300 MHz
Memory 100 MHz
Shader 600 MHz

Is this right? If so what levels do i set for O/Clock??

Download GPU-Z and see what it tells you.

At idle or in low power 3d your GPU will underclock in order to save power.
As soon as you start utilising your GPU, it will automatically switch to the specified clock speeds.
Both readings are probably correct, the former it's actual speed while the latter being it's low power state.