Question Help joining a mac vm to my vm domain

Jul 13, 2018
I am making a lab in vmware. I have a server with a domain ( set up with AD set up. I have 2 windows 10 vm's, one Mac OS high sierra vm, and one windows server 2016 vm. This little network is segregated from my home network (so no internet which is fine for just a lab to learn). I was able to get both windows vm's set up just fine, fully functional. But I cannot for the life of me get the Mac to join the domain.
I will go to users & groups > login options > network Account server > type in the server IP address (not the server name because that doesn’t work) > and it asks me for the admin user and PW. then it says authentication server could not be contacted (5200). So I try another way, but this time instead of typing in the IP I go to “open directory utility” > active directory > enter my “active directory domain” ( > hit “bind” > enter the username (administrator….also tried pcdsigns\administrator) and password. And it says again “authentication server could not be contacted”.
I does ping by the servers IP address but not by (by name).
Also, if I go under “finder” > “go” tab > connect to server > type in the IP address > connect, it does connect. it actually gives me “NETLOGON” and “sysvol”. I went into systole and it actually gives me a folder in there. So I know this computer can see the server computer.

Please excuse my long post but I wanted to be as detailed as possible.
Also please don’t assume I know all there is to know about all this stuff. I learned how to do all this stuff just by looking it up on youtube and google, so don’t come at me with sophisticated computer terms that I have never heard before lol. I'm a noob to the whole networking thing. Thats why Im doing all this though……to learn.

Thank you very much!