Help! Load Plate Won't Shut


Feb 21, 2009

Currently putting together my first build. My mobo is an ASUS P6T and my processor is an intel i7 quad core. I just dropped to processor into the socket, aligning the triangle in the bottom left corner, as the directions said. Then I added a strip of thermal paste. Continuing to follow the directions, i lowered the load plate, but it doesn't seem to close fully. If i push the load lever back to try to lock in the plate , I immediately encounter some resistance, so i'm afraid to push it harder in fear of breaking something. It seems like the lip of the load plate won't fit beneath the little slot for it on the load bar. I'm not sure what to do here. I'm pretty certain that i put the cpu in properly, as it just slotted right in and looks right to me matched up to the diagrams i have. Sorry if this is a real rookie question, but should it be this difficult?

Please help!