Question Help locating a replacement motherboard


Jul 25, 2009
I currently have an older ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 MB in my desktop. Two of the SATA ports are acting up. I tried two different PCIe SATA expansion cards but both locked my Windows 7 Pro up. I am looking for a replacement MB. I have looked at dozens of specification sheets, searched Google and several hardware forums and I cannot find one with 8 SATA ports like my ASRock has. I also see that I will have to buy new memory as I have DDR3 and the new MBs seem to all use DDR4. I don't remember the case model but it has 8 internal 3.5 drive bays and 4 internal 5.25 drive bays so I am all good with the case. I was hoping to be able to retain my CPU as it will be the biggest single expense item. I know I will have to install WIndows 10 soon. I created a Windows 10 Pro iso from the free upgrade Windows offered some time back so I am set on the OS front. Currently, I have found if I lay my desktop on the floor on it's side and don't bump it, my SATA ports work! Add to all this, I am retired and only have SSA income.
So, if anyone can steer me in the direction of a MB with 8 SATA ports I would appreciate it! And if it uses DDR3 memory, that would be super fantastic!! Thanks all.