Question Help M.2 detection troubleshooting

Nov 3, 2019
I'm having some trouble with my ssd being detected. I have to boot up the system from 5 to 20ish times for the drive to be detected. Besides that the drive functions normally I have also done hardware checks (don't remember which programs) and they show the drive is healthy. I think the issue is with the m.2 because I had a laptop with it inside and had the same problem.
Any way to fix this issue? If not is there a way to check if my warranty is still valid?

System specs
i5 9400f
ASRock B365M-HDV
Xpg 16gbram
Gtx 1070ti
Xpg nvme M.2 Sx6000
All parts new except gpu and drive
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So the m.2 was not working in a laptop and you moved the m.2 to a desktop - correct?

If the m.2 was in a laptop any warranty most likely ended when the laptop's warranty ended.

You may be able determine if there there is any warrant via xpg's website:

(Note: I had some trouble getting into the warranty link. However the overall idea is that you may be afforded the opportunity to enter some m.2 related information such as the serial number and learn if and what warranty may still be available.)
And check the Motherboard's User Guide/Manual. Ensure that there is not some SATA port conflict between SATA devices and the m.2's use of SATA.