Question Help: mDP to DP can duplicate but cannot extend display

Jul 21, 2019
Hi guys

Just bought a Dell U2718Q monitor and trying to run it on an older laptop running Windows 10 as a second display. Everything works fine, however, after a period of time the screen would blink intermittently before ultimately losing connection. The screen would say something along the lines of "no DP signal from your device".

I'm pretty sure the connection and monitor is fine since I can run the monitor on Duplicate and Second Screen Only. It only has issues on Extend. I've also found that Extend does work with the monitor on HDMI connection.

I've tried power cycling the monitor and reattached cables to no avail. Rebooting computer works most of the time. Changing the projection setting from Extended to another setting and back to Extended only worked once. I've also tried booting in safe mode and uninstalling / reinstalling the display adapter (Intel HD Graphics 4000), which seemed to yield the longest temporary fix before ultimately losing connection.

Any tips? Listing specs below, let me know if anything else is needed. Thank you!

Monitor: Dell U2718Q (4K UHD)

Laptop: Samsung NP700z7c
OS: Windows 10 (from Windows 7)
CPU: i7-3615QM
Display Adapter: Intel HD Graphics 4000