Help me build rig for Adobe Premiere & AfterEffects CS4 on $1300 budge


Apr 13, 2009
This is my first post,.i've been a active reader of this forum for couple of weeks...hell there's a lot to catch up. My last build is back from '98,.the age of AGP and stuff. This multicore and PCie thing is very new for me.
Please bear with me, cuz i'm not a native english speaker (i came from Indonesia), so please forgive me if there's any typo or gramatical error ;)

Let's get to the bottom line.

My Main Goal :
- Editing Video using Premiere & After Effect CS4...and Perhaps 3D Animation in my spare time.

My Second Goal:
-Well pretty much like you guys,.games,..(but this is the least important thing, please focus on my main goal).

My Budget : $1300 (US), feel free to use any online retailer as reference. I will not ordering online though, since AFAIK none of them accept shipment to my country (and if they do..the shipment cost will be non economical for me)
But i will using online retailer you mention as a reference price when hunting component at local store.

But there's a catch..
Sometimes the price difference is very huge, up to $70. For instance a P5Q Pro is already dropping at $120 or so in US market,..but In Indonesia, the price is still as high as $170-200 ! Multiply that with every component i will buy,..and multiply that again with the exchange rates from U$ to Rp (My Country Currency)
Now you can see that's the huge drawback for me when buying component... :(

But dont worry that don't have to recalculate every component price you choose
Here's the BASIC ground rule,...
Although my budget is $1300,..that's the budget from my point of view.
So, the the budget from your point of view should be around $1000.

Help me fill this list..feel free to add component that you might think is necessary,i.e: cpu cooler etc
The Component i need:,..
Monitor : I don't need color accuracy that much, that job is belong to colorist. I don't need fast response time,..since my job is not a time critical. What i do need is BIG wide screen,...unfortunately >24" is still at a high price in my country. So for the time being,..please stick to 22"
Mobo anything that support up to 16 GB or more for future expansion
CPU : I open for any O/C suggestion
Graphic card : this is the weak point in THG, there's (no??) review of Quadro at mid range or low range price. Btw,..NVIDIA product is a must ! I'm not a nvidia die-hard fans,.i just need the CUDA. But feel free to suggest a different card (if else fails..GeForce is a must)
Memory : 8 GB (although i need more than that, there's no currently 4 GB module everywhere i look)..damn..i really need 16 GB to ease off with Adobe hungry RAM.
HardDisk : I don't need 1 TB or big size,...that's an overkill for my line of work right now. Due to budget limit, for the moment HD below 300GB is fine with me. What i do need is a suggestion related to cache size, heat buildup and which raid i should use ( of course due to limited budget,raid is not applicable at this time,.but i will planning to add additional HD very soon as this rig is proven to be stable)
PSU : Up 2 u guys..

The component I don't need :D
■Case : What i mean that i don't need case is...there's a lot local product tough as rock, with good air circulation, and very-very-very cheap !!!)
■Keyboard+Mouse (will also buy a local product, i dont need much a precission like a photo editor do)
■Speaker (i've already own high end Sennheiser headset and also....sound editing is not my job, i'm a video editor, i leave the sound to my fellow sound editor).
■Software (Vista64, Premiere and AfterEffect CS4 is provide from my college through academic licensing/student edition/Something like that)

So guys...back to it possible to build something that powerfull enough to squeeze some juice out of Adobe Premiere & AfterEffect CS4 under $1000 ?

If this budget is unapplicable/too low, what the minimum budget i should prepare to make a rig that smooth enough to run Adobe CS4 ? (From your budget Point Of View)

Terima Kasih, Tararenkyu, Maturnuwun, ----> That's me saying "Thank You" in three different language in my Country ;)


Dec 24, 2008
You should go for an i7 if gaming is an afterthought concern. I would do something like this:

-Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R MB

-Intel i7 920 CPU

-CPU Cooler: Scythe Mugen 2 seems like its a fairly well distributed product world-wide, and should be a good option for you. You can OC to ~3.4-3.6ghz on that cooler pretty safely I should think. Pick up some Arctic Silver 5, OCZ Freeze or MX-2 thermal paste to go with it.

-Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling in the 500-600w range (any psu made by those brands is going to be high quality so get the best deal you can, OCZ could be another option if those others are unavailable or too expensive)

-6gb DDR3 1600mhz with Cas Latency 8-8-8-24 or better at 1.65v or lower (G skill, Mushkin, and OCZ are probably your best bets, Corsair or Kingston if you can't find any of those other brands)

-Case: Up to you

-HDD: Not sure how much space you need...but the WD6401AALS or WD1001FALS are probably the best options for HDD's, they are the 640gb and 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black drives respectively.

-Optical: Get an LG, Samsung, or Pioneer SATA DVD drive, whatever is the best deal.

GPU: On your budget, its not really worth considering a Quadro card. Get a GTX 260 on the 55nm process with 216 shader cores. This will give you decent gaming and will work well with most of your apps I believe, and has CUDA as well. For Video editing, the GT200 processor is very good at speeding the process up.

If you want us to help you shop around, give links to the websites you would normally look at for this stuff (as well as your budget in Rp).