Question Help me choose a 24" 1080p 144/165HZ monitor from among 8 monitors


Jun 17, 2015
Hello, i am looking to buy a monitor for gaming (and web browsing) and i have come across these available ones. Which one should i choose ? any advice is welcome, thanks.
Listed from cheapest to most expensive (~26$ difference between the first 187$ and last 213$)

I think the best choice is to just get the Gigabyte one since it has an IPS panel ?

LG 24GN53A-B | 24" | 144Hz TN

Asus VG247Q1A | 24" | 165Hz| VA

MSI G24C6 | 24" | 144Hz| Curved VA

ASUS TUF VG24VQE | 24" | 165Hz| Curved VA

BenQ Zowie XL2411K | 24" | 144Hz TN

Gigabyte G24F |24" | 165Hz IPS

ASUS TUF VG248Q1B |24" | 165Hz TN?

AOC C24G2 CURVED | 24" | 165Hz| Curved VA


Yes, that Gigabyte might be the best one in the group. IPS is slower than TN, but TN has usually pretty bad viewing angles. If you do any off axis viewing, you'll want the IPS panel.

Top pick within your price range: IPS for $170

Top budget 1080p: $253

Feel free to look at others that have been competently reviewed:
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