Question Help me choose a case


Jan 14, 2016
My current case -

Although my current case can fit a 7900 XTX (just barely tho) and since i'm making practically a new build from scratch i decided to also buy a new case that can fit bigger GPUs for future upgradability, i'm also going for a white/clear color theme this time.

Under here you can see the build i wanna make and the cases i'm having a hard time choosing, you can also gimme your own recommendations around that price range im already at my budget limit :sob:

The build i want to make -
The cases i'm having a hard time choosing from -,QcddnQ,dTn9TW

I also wanted a white 1000W PSU for future upgradability but corsair only made white PSUs up to 850W, does anyone have any recommendations on (white) PSUs that are as good as corsair's? (I know this is the wrong subforum to ask sorry)


The O11D isn't popular because it is a bad case...loads of options for glass, vented and so forth now as well. I have a mini version of it and it is very good.
Real plus is that with that case and the Cooler Master you won't see the power supply. The color issue won't matter. You can see into the basement of the other Lian Li.


Are you even going to make use of the mostly SOLD SEPARATELY modifications that are featured for the O11 Evo model?
If not, might as well save a little with the original O11, or the Mini that punkncat mentioned.

Which of the cases do you like the look of most? You're going to be living with it after all.

And psu color doesn't matter if it can't even be seen... which the O11 hides, it's partially visible in the Lancool 216, and the TD500 Mesh V2 provides an optional cover.



I really like the AIR or MESH III.

both are so easy to build and have great features. I had been stuck on Corsair cases (still great), but this build cycle went with some LIAN LI and just over what they are doing with the engineering with these.