Question Help me choose a laptop


May 5, 2019
Hi, i need a laptop for work i would use it for browsing, word, yt...
Here are some options i found:
1. Lenovo Yoga 370: i5-7200u, 8GB DDR4, 256 SSD - 150$
2. Dell Latitude 7390: i5 8350U, 16GB ram, 512 GB- 210$ i hear these models are unreliable and have heating issues
3. Lenovo L390: i5-8265u, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD- 215$

How much worse is the yoga 370 from the other two cuz minus the specs its the most portable. I dont need anything crazy but i also dont want laptop slowing down with 7-8 tabs open


I tend to stay away from convertible style laptops since they tend to have a bad hinge(that gives up over time) and they also have a limited scope of upgradability(ram/storage options) but if you don't need to upgrade the storage to a secondary drive, you're good with either laptop and by that, the Yoga.