Nov 25, 2011

I was looking at getting a laptop for college. I have a budget of around $1000.

I was looking at a Lenovo IdeaPad Y580.

So as for my question, is this the best available laptop for around $1000? If you have any other ideas of good laptops please list them. Just keep in mind that it is mainly for college, so I'm looking for quality that will last me at least 4-5 years. I have looked at a few others, but the Lenovo seems great.

I want to be able to play games on it during my free time, not necessary for max settings. I am only skeptical of Lenovo because I have never had one or know anyone that does. But they seem to have friendly cusomer service and good reviews.

Also, I used to have a Gateway FX laptop, it was great while I had it but I sold it to a friend. I also have had a couple of not performance laptops, and I am currently using a crappy Compaq owned by my sister. I have to double tap each key to get it to type it -_-

But anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!


May 7, 2012
Ehhh Lenovo..... ehhhhhh....

If that's the best price, then get it, but I generally tend to stay away from Lenovos. If you can find a Samsung or Asus for the same price, I would suggest either of those brands over any other non-gaming laptop maker. If you are looking at gaming laptops, MSI, Asus, Dell XPS, and perhaps Alienware (another ehh) are all generally good.

Check out the Bestbuy employee auctions if you want as well, always some good stuff in there. PM me and I'll send you a link.