Nov 16, 2011
I have the Seasonic M12II 520W and love it. Rock solid rails, quiet, 5yr warranty and modular. Enough for any single GPU system and OC; it is definitely sufficient for your planned 7850 GPU.


Aug 31, 2009
Seasonic is the best of the bunch. XFX is based on the same unit but is slightly lower in quality but still good. The CX is a budget oriented line which is good for its price but not equal in quality to the other two.

I have a Seasonic 620W 80+ certified for an older backup gaming rig that was the main gamer at one time (overclocked E8400 -> 4.4GHz, GTX 275 SLI). It has absolutely been flawless with all those components. As others have referenced, Seasonic's design is actually used by other PS vendors like Corsair, OCZ, and XFX. Go with the Seasonic.

You may want to look into spending a little more and get a higher wattage supply for future upgrade options. The 12v single rail number is important to keep an eye on for certain video card requirements. My original PS for the above backup gaming rig was a Corsair TX850 purchased over three years ago. While overkill at the time, and a little more costly than the 600-750W I could have gotten by with, it's now in my current gaming rig running fine and still has headroom (overclocked 2500k -> 4.83GHz, GTX 680, soon to be SLI when I can get another).

Finally, power supplies do degrade in performance over time and lose efficiency, but the higher quality you buy up front, the less this degradation will occur over time.