Help me choose a PSU


Aug 24, 2015
Hi, guys.

I'm looking in to buying a new PSU. I have settled on few brands/models that my chosen retailer provides.

The PSU will be powering:
Intel Core i5 4690k processor,
nVidia GTX 770 graphics card,
and 3 to 4 hard drives.
MOBO is Asus Sabertooth z97 mk2

I will overclock my CPU and probably VGA in the future.

So here are the chosen PSUs in order of pricing (price difference is negligible):

Geil Thortech Thunderbolt, 850W, Active PFC (best cable modulation of the bunch),
Fractal Design Edison M 750W, 80PLUS Gold (semi modular),
Fortron AURUM S 700W, 80+ Gold Active PFC (Not modular)
CoolerMaster V750S, 80+ Gold, Active PFC (semi modular)

They all have a 5 year warranty.

Cable modulation is important to me but if one is more reliable than the others, I can ignore it.

I have read reviews on most of them, but I can't put my mind in to one. It's really important to me that pick the right one. Thanks for the help.