Help me choose between the routers


Oct 20, 2012
Hello guys,

I'm looking to buy a new high end router. We have like 5 computers at home and 4 iPhones along with some other wireless devices like iPad.

I'm looking for a fast, feature rich router and i was thinking about the NetGear R6300 or the Linksys E4200..

I'm doing a lot of game streaming on internet and i'm also playing a lot of online games

What you guys think?


Sep 29, 2012
I would vote for neither, 802.11AC is a waste of money.

Normally I am a big fan of the cisco/linksys router but they have decided that everyone is a moron and need "Cloud" configuration. The E4200V2 as well as some if their other router can only configure the advanced features via cisco website. Means you can only do very basic things if your internet is down or acting up.....they have some firmware rollback I guess now due to complaints.

You best bet is to buy a 802.11n router that you can load dd-wrt on. dd-wrt give you many more features than any of the commercial offerings.

The main reason to avoid 802.11ac is it is not standard yet (another year away) and there are compatibility issues between vendors much like pre-N stuff was. The only way to insure top performance is to replace all your PC nic with the same manufacturer. On top of that there are the same switch issues going from AC to N as you have going N to G so you iphones will mostly defeat having AC


Nov 8, 2012
Hey gmaister22,

Cisco E4200v2:
- only one USB Interface
+ Mediaserver DLNA

NetGear R6300
+ two USB Interfaces

in case you need more than one USB interface and it doesn't bother you to attach an USB Hub, i would vote for Cisco.

Murat Matur