Sep 24, 2008
Hi all, I'm currently using HD 4870 with reference cooling..
But, the temp. are hot like hell, especially the vram temperature..
It is about 93-100 C when full load..
And the core temp is about 73-81 C when full load..

I've set the fan running on 65%, and it just don't give me good result.. I've also point a side case fan directly towards the gpu..
Here is the quick link to my picture: ( It is above the PSU )

Btw, I've done some research to find nice cooler with good price/performance ratio, and of course the one I could easily find at my place..
Here they are:
1. Thermaltake Duorb AX
2. Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev2 (I will attach extra fan)
3. Thermalright V2 (I will attach extra fan)
4. Coolink Gfxchilla

Which one will give me best result on cooling my gpu core and vram??
Anyway, I read on some articles which says that some vram heatsink comes with 3rd party gpu cooler has a bad sticking material, is there anyway to solve this?


This won't help you - but others who are contemlating a 4870 purchase and are concerned about the heat issue might consider the HIS IceQ 4+Turbo.


According to the review belpw, it is best in class and they called it the "crème de la crème of 4870 series cards". “There really is no 4870 that we've seen or tested to date which can come close.”

@ _gs_: It will help.
But the fan needs to blow INTO, directly if possible, the centre of the cooling fan not exhaust out.
The basic problem is that the cooler cannot take in cool air and expel the hot air, it simply recirulates the same air, forming two pockets in the shape of "00" below the card, making it almost impossible to get rid of the heat.
An exhaust fan will help break this cycle by drawing hot air out of the left-land "0", pulling cool air towards the cooler. A fan blowing IN will break the entire cycle as fresh air will constantly flow in, displacing the hot air out to the right (end of the card) and between the card and case side panel, where it will rise and be taken out of the case by the exhaust fans.