Help me choose motherboard! (& other components)

Jan 29, 2019
Hello guys, first time posting here.

So I'm building a new computer for gaming since last time I did it in 2012.

I currently have and will use:

A SSD and a HDD.

G Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZ

MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB

AMD Ryzen 5 1700X - Got it. Maybe not the best one for gaming but I'm planning on getting a 3000 series when it's released.

Planning on getting:

Seasonic SSR-650FX - Think it's the best choice for the rig I'll get

Thermaltake V200 Tempered Glass RGB - I know, cheap quality, but 0.4mm tempered glass and 3 RGB vents are good for the price

DeepCool GAMMAXX 300 - It has good references and dissipates heat better than any of the AMD stock heat sinks, even the Prism

Buuuut what is driving me nuts is the motherboard.
The more I read and research, the less confident I am about making a choice.
I was able to reduce the narrow to one of this three:

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
Asrock X370 Gaming K4

I don't know which one has the better quality of components and better VRM. Some people claim the Asrock is over the other two, but it is classified as EOD and I think it's because they realised some design faults and released a newer version.

I don't know either which one has the best -updated- BIOS at the moment being. The Asus has Aura Sync (which is nice given I'll have lots of RGB) but again some people claim its BIOS is not as good as the MSI, for instance.

So, please people, help me choose.
Illustrate me. With data, reviews and everything.

I'd also appreciate your thoughts on the components I plan to get.

Thank you all and long live to this community!
Jan 29, 2019

Thank you but I'd like more developed answers...
If you plan on upgrading to a 3rd gen ryzen you may want a newer motherboard. The 3000 series ryzen will work in an X370 board with a bios update, however, a newer B450 or X470 board may perform better.
Of your listed motherboards, I would select the Asus board because of this comparison.
Here is a comparison showing the comparing all 3 boards. In short, the Asus and MSI mobo has a USB c port absent on the asrock. The ASUS also has the most overclocking friendly bios, easy way to reset CMOS, and overclocked memory further than the ASRock or MSI. The ASUS mobo also has the most audio channels. The MSI board does have USB c, the best looks (my opinion), but it lacks ECC memory support, a commonly unused feature supported with Ryzen CPUs. The Asrock board seems to be less modern than the competition, and not very user-friendly. I like the MSI board but it is more expensive than the Asus board
The ryzen 7 1700x doesn't come with a stock cooler so I would get a Bequiet dark rock pro 4, as I have heard a lot of good reviews about it. I would suggest this case in red over the Thermaltake for a similar price. Both cases have large tempered glass windows, but the NZXT lacks RGB. NZXT makes some of the best cases on the market, and my NZXT S340, the predecessor to the h500, has very nice build quality. The h500 has a sturdy steel design and dust filters to keep the inside dust free.. You will hate a cheaper quality case when trying to build your pc, and sometimes they look cheaper in person than in photos. You can get the 500i rgb case for more money.
Jan 29, 2019

Thank you for your previous answers! I keep looking and researching.

Do you know if fans and led strip can be controlled by the motherboard?

By the way, have you used CAM software for NZXT compatible cases? Is it good?

Has it evolved since this review's comments about it?