Question Help me choose which AMD board for Ryzen 3000?

May 27, 2019
I am going to do a new build when Ryzen 3000 comes out and need help choosing between 2 boards as I am on a budget. I expect the new X570 boards will be out of my price range. I will never use crossfire so was looking at choosing between B450 MSI Pro Carbon (£115) or the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 X470 (£160). I am not likely to overclock in the near term but probably will in future as the chip gets old as I only tend to upgrade every 5 years

They both look pretty much the same to me except with the Gigabyte board you get the newer x470 chipset and 4 USB ports for £45 extra

Help please
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What other components do you plan to use? Anything like PCIe SSDs? I ask because X470 motherboards will have more options for storage than the B450 counterparts.

Also, depending which Ryzen 3000 series CPU you intend to use it may require a motherboard with good VRMs to handle the power. Without independent reviews at the time of writing it may be premature to make certain assumptions.