Question Help me choosing my next mac


Jun 4, 2018
Hi there,
I bought an mac mini late 2012 back one year ago, unfortunately my dad need it so, I have no desktop computer at the moment.
I prefer to have an apple computer as desktop due to the Apple ecosystem (I have an iPad on which I take notes and study), as laptop I have the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro which I use for more stressful task, like 1440p video editing, some audio production, website design and Djs.

The mac mini was the i5 upgraded with 8 gb of ram and 250 GB SSD and 1TB HDD.
The original plan was to use the mac mini as "storage" and media center, on July I bought the 6th generation iPad with the apple pencil and now I using it daily.

I was considering 3 options:

1 - Mac Pro 5.1 (900 to 1200 euros)
I'm in Europe and currently there are no many left,
I'm looking for a Single 6 core or better (I'd like the 2x 6 core but honestly I'm not going to use all those core)
I know that the support is currently drop and is a 10 years old machine.

I currently have a counter-offer
Intel X5680 3.33 GHz (6 core /12 T)
64 GB ram
480 GB SSD
# TB ahrd drive
RX 580 8 GB gpu with bootscreen
the seller send me a 960 euros offer

2 - iMac (900 and above)
I kinda like it, I mean with 1500 euro I can find one in good condition with decent cpu and gpu but all of those are with HDD and I'm not really comfortable open it up and change to SSD, I mean, is not so easy as the mac mini and the mac pro, but at least with those money I have also a good display.

3 - Mac Mini late 2012 (from 300 euros and above)
The remain option since I could so far is the best choice for money.

I have about 1300 euros available to spend, I asking to the community because I'd like to have an desktop setup which can run at least a couple of year and is not so difficult to upgrade.
I really love the Mac Pro 5.1 and I don't know if it is worth it.

I was also thinking about build an hackintosh but I want a plug and play system and I don't have too much time to spend in troubleshooting (even if I would like to build one).

Any other options are well welcome.