Help Me Decide

Feb 19, 2019
So now I've gotten into the GoPro movie making addiction and have some things to decide. Since my current desktop PC is 3+ years old running Win7Pro64 using an i5-4590 @3.3GHz, 8gig non-ECC ram, NVIDIA Quadro 620 2gig, I'm not able to run and edit the HVEC H-265 encoded video. What I can do is either only use the GoPro to record H264 or convert the H265 using HandBrake or VideoProc to H264.
So here are my options....
  1. Do I just continue the extremely time consuming task of converting H265 to H264 (5 30 second batch conversions take about 30-45 minutes)? I'm not really sure what, if anything is lost in that conversion. This is the lowest cost option.
  2. Upgrade the memory and OS to Win 10? I've read that Win 10 has native ability to play and edit HVEC H265 video. What I do not know is if my processor needs to have some hidden feature to run and edit those H265 vids. If I upgrade the memory past 16Gig, I'll need to use ECC at 4-6x the $$$.
  3. Shoot only in H264 loosing a lot of the functionality of the GoPro 7. So no conversions will be required but much of the cool stuff the 7 Black can do is only done in the H265 codec.
  4. Get the on sale Dell XPS 15 8th gen i7-8750H, 32gig, NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1050Ti 4gig, 4K display, 1TB SSD, Touch screen, blah, blah, blah for $1849


Jun 11, 2008
Try to find a new 8-core 16 thread system, convert from h265 to h264 if you want to keep the "cool stuff", drop ECC memory, etc. Just changing your OS to Win10 won't so anything.
Feb 19, 2019
Thanks gasaraki. That's kinda what I'm wanting to avoid = the most expensive option. From what I've read on video editing forums, 8 core seems to be the point of wasted $$$. And spending $1900 is a tad grinding on my current budget - maybe.

If I understand the GoPro help articles correctly, in order to play (and/or edit) the following video modes.........
4K 60 fps
4K (4:3) 30, 24 fps
2.7K 120 fps
2.7K (4:3) 60 fps
1440p 120 fps
1080p 240 fps
960p 240 fps
which all are shot in HVEC H265 codec, my pc needs to be running Win10 and have a processor using the Intel Kaby Lake or equivalent. It has to be a newer processor?? My i5-4590 in my Dell desktop was discontinued on 7/14/2017 and may be a "SkyLake"??!? So now I'm wondering if the processor in my Desktop can be replaced with a Kaby Lake (or equivalent). I somehow doubt the 7thgen chips will fit the 6thgen sockets :+}
I can upgrade the OS to Win 10. So how do I know if my Intel i5-4590 CPU is equivalent? Will my processor deal with the HVEC files? Have no idea. It will not now running Win7Pro64. I can save a lot of coin if I only need to upgrade the OS and add some memory vs buying a new computer. The other option is convert the HVEC H265 to H264 which is extremely time consuming.
I do understand the reasoning for the newer HVEC H265 codec. It saves space and download time for playing vids on the internet or when streaming movies to your device.