Help me find a better CPU Cooler please? Need air

Jason H.

Im using a the stock cooler for my AMD A8 5600k. I currently just bought a new hard drive and some new ram and I want to get the temps down on the CPU. So Im looking to buy a 3rd party air cooler thats not hard to install and will give me some better temps.

My budget is about 25$ and I need it to fit this smaller case. Im not 100% sure if its Micro ATX or Mid tower.. its about as tall as my forearm and is made by raidmax...

My mobo is a Biostar A55ML2 I believe its FM1 port but not 100% sure.

Any recommendations would be extra helpful (preferably would like Amazon links as I get free 2 day shipping with prime)


CPU- AMD A8 5600k
GPU- GTX 750 1gb
MOBO- Biostar A55ML2
MEM- 6gb DDR3 1333
WIN- Windows 10 Home
PSU- Logysis 480w

Jason H.


eh, I needed some paste for the future anyways because I lost my arctic silver. And Im sure its a bit better than the stock paste that comes with the cooler. And yea I was gonna get somethin a little better but Im impatient and on a budget its LONG overdue that I got a better cooler. T

Thanks for all the help guys!