Question Help me find the common thread. Recorded video stuttering. Crazy mystery!


May 12, 2004
I recently built a new PC (not my first. I've built many.)


Asus TUF-Gaming x570 Motherboard.
Ryzen-3 3100 with
16gb of DDR4
64-bit Win10 Pro
64-bit Ubuntu 20
(Each OS on separate SSD)

The first problem I noticed was trying to watch Live TV using a USB tuner (Hauppauge 980) results in stuttering video... so bad it's almost unwatchable.

So I tried using a different USB tuner (kWorld 485). Same problem. Tried both tuners on another (much older) 64bit Win10 Pro PC and the tuners are fine.

Tried different USB ports... both USB 2.0 & 3.0. No change.

I then tried different TV viewer apps. Problem didn't go away. Choppy unwatchable playback continued. Software used to watch TV doesn't matter.

I tried another antenna. No change. It's not the antenna. I changed the record path to my speedy M.2 drive. Didn't help. So it's not a drive issue.

My install of Windows was still at v1903, so I updated it to v2004. Didn't help.

Then the mystery deepened.

I booted into Linux. I don't have either tuner setup to work in Linux, so instead I tried streaming a favorite live channel over the Internet and the playback was choppy there too! (Same URL plays fine from Windows. :??:) PC is plugged directing into a DSL router via the Ethernet port. Same URL always worked fine before. Now it doesn't?

Then tried streaming a live broadcast off YouTube (also still in Linux.) That plays fine. o_O ALL live streaming from Windows on the same PC plays fine. :unsure:

My Windows and Linux installs are on different physical drives on the same PC (Windows on my M.2. Linux on an SSD.)

So by this point I'm wondering if my new PC (new CPU & ram, but old GTX670 video card) is at fault.

So I copied a recorded TV broadcast to a thumb drive and tried to play it back on my Win10 tablet to discover the video was RECORDED choppy.

Playback of (downloaded) prerecorded video... MPG/AVI/MP4/MKV... on all PC's (and Linux) is fine.

But it gets worse.

I then tried to stream live Internet video from a favorite URL over WiFi to my Win10 tablet and was shocked to find it now stuttering over there as well. Always worked fine before. Now it's stuttering? The new PC wasn't even on! The same URL plays just fine on the new-build PC. 😖

Same problem trying to stream to my other 64bit Win10 PC. Choppy streaming playback over WiFi from one URL but not another.

Only video recorded & played back in real time is a problem. Everything else is fine. Three different Windows PC's (two connected over WiFi) and one Linux installation all have the same problem. If it weren't for the Linux install, I'd suspect a virus (I'm 99.9% certain my PC is clean), but I know of no virus that affects both Windows and Linux.

And it's not consistent. ALL streaming video plays just fine on the new PC, but my remote PC's are suddenly recording/playing choppy streaming video (when they never did before?) And only video recorded & played back in real time is affected.

No other computers are connected to (or sharing) my Internet connection (and even if they were, it would not explain the USB TV tuners or why some URLs play just fine.)

There simply is no common thread! It's not "hardware" (three different PC's.) It's not Windows (Linux has the problem too.) It's not an Internet streaming issue (USB tuners don't use the Internet.) Some URL's playback choppy while others are fine... and ONLY on remote PC's. I'm stumped! HELP!