Help me find the name of a old game?


Nov 13, 2012
Hi all im looking for this 3rd person veiw post-apocalyptic RPG made somewhere between 1994-1999 I know it was on the PC but not sure if it was made on any console.

It Starts with CG ofI homeless people on the street looking up at a meteor coming down then skips forward to a guy telling a story about how the world ended due to meteor or plague?, the MC wakes up wearing some kind of red tunic? he has longish black hair? The player is able to move him around either a palace or some kind of castle/base, your able to go and

talk to people and even duel with swords with a female fellow soldier also wearing some kind of red tunic, after

You get your red battle tunic that looks like your other one, you either come across or are called to a brawl in a

Dining hall? a soldier is kill by the "main bad guys" of the game which is some kind of mutant or raider? Then a CGI cutseen plays showing one

Of the raider throwing some kind of acid/goo at the MC and hits him in the face and horribly disfigures him and his skin turns brownish? And all vainy and one of his eyes is red and he almost looks like a monster but still is human, you

Then kill the raiders and pass out and wake up in your bed in the tunic you started with, i think then someone

Comes in to the room and explains to you if you leave the room you will be killed by the other soldiers even your

Female soldier friend because you look like a monster or the raider/mutant badguys and no one trusts you, I know you have to leave the room to escape and go find your wife? After this there’s only bits and pieces I remember like having to find this iron.

Breathing mask that’s big and takes up most of your upper body but will let you travel through this flooded tunnel and this guy in a motor wheel chair with guns on the side? i know you can pick up a gun yourself.

There’s really nothing more I can tell you, I think the game came out about the same time as the game Time commando as I can remember playing that either just after or before playing the game in question, I will love forever who ever finds the name of the game for me ive been wanting to play this for ages.