Question Help me get my XP sound restarted, please?


May 30, 2009
Dear Anyone.

I've got Windows XP SP3. I use it because I've got music writing disability software that would cost a fortune to rebuy/upgrade if I switched to 10 (about £600 all in all!) And I'm happy with XP for music writing - but the sound's stopped working (helps if you can hear your tunes!)

I've checked Services.MSC and Windows sound is ON. But in Devices, there USED to be IDT HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO CODEC. That's vanished, no idea why. I've virus checked with Malwarebytes to make sure there's nothing eating files.

Thing IS - I can't find the right version of the IDT software to install to get it back again and the Realtek software don't work for me. The latest thing I've downloaded is a cabinet file. Now I looked up how to install Cabinet files - never done one b4 - and it says 'Right-click on the .INF...' This cabinet file is .INF central. There's got to be 100 of the things! I've got zero idea which one to try, or even if getting it wrong will make matters worse.

So here's my specs. Foxconn 2ADA Motherboard with 6gig RAM - I know XP 32-Bit can't 'see' more than 4-gig, but here's the next part of the question.

I've just downloaded 64-bit Windows XP, it's a legal version as far as I know, I promise. Haven't installed it yet. If I DO, on a different hard drive, should it get the sound back,and should I be able to run my 32-bit XP software on it - I know in THEORY you can run 32-bit software on 64-bit Windows but I've never tried that before either and theory and practice don't always match up....

But that's a side-issue. I'd love to get my sound back on my 32-bit XP first, so I've got it to use if the 64-bit version doesn't pan out for whatever reason! Anyone know where I can get an IDT High Definition Audio Codec installer that WORKS? Or even the Foxconn drivers for the 2ADA board, Foxconn don't seem to do their own drivers any more for some reason.

Sorry for all of the above, genuinely am, don't want to overwork you guys and there's no sarcasm there. Just wanna hear stuff again!

Yours hopefully

There is always the possibility that the sound just died.
No amount of (re) installing drivers will fix a broken card.

XP 64 bit is based on a different kernel so drivers might not run, you would have to research or just try it out.

You could always buy a cheap sound card if yours is broken.
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