Question Help me get rid of svcfdomd malware


Jan 5, 2014
Quoting this since I have the same issue ' I don't know what they do, after some snooping I found a folder "C:\Users\Luke\AppData\Roaming\svcfdomd" which contains the files and a readme saying shit like "This folder contains files needed for normal Windows work." and "In order to respect my work, you agree to support me by utilizing a very little part of your computer resources" and "Also I guarantee that no one bit of information from your computer is being collected or sent somewhere. Your PC resources are used to solve the great science tasks like you can see in the SETI @home project. '

The folder I have is located ' C:\Users\EISK\AppData\Roaming '

1.Here is a screenshot of what my anti-virus detects: View:
and this View:\

2. First deleted the detected files in quarantine through the antivirus. A second scan showed same results show in the screenshots.

3. I the deleted the actual malware files in my user folder. A third scan shows no change, the screenshot results remain the same.

Could someone help remove this please? Thanks !
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