Question HELP ME!!!!! I KNOW acting really funny. Hard to explain.

Sep 4, 2020
This is a tough one. I will do my best to explain it clearly.. Firstly, this is my first build by myself.
System specs are:
AMD Ryzen 3900xt
EVGA SuerNOVA G3 850w 80gold plus
MSI B550-A ProSeries
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDr4 2 x 36GB 2400mhz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu cooler
TP-Link WiFi6 ax3000 PCIe wifi card
Western Digital 1tb ssd black edtition
Western Digital 4tb internal storage
NZXT H510 Elite
Windows 10 pro

I think that's everything..... So, I am currently plugged directly into my router with a cat6 cable. Internet seems to be working fine. I've ran a couple speed tests, and received anywhere from 100 download, 3 upload. to 180 download and 11 upload, with my latency being no more than 16MS....Overall I would say decent internet.
Definitely worthy of watching some 60fps 4k videos on youtube on my sweet 4k screen....WRONG!

This is my first build, and honestly it went pretty smooth all things considered, booted and posted first time. Got all my drivers installed and programs loaded. Have not had any issues until now. As of two days ago when I went to try out my 4k screen with some larger than life youtube videos....Played them easily. No buffering, no pausing, no image quality drop. But NOW, I can't play a YouTube video for more than 20 seconds without it buffering.....THERES MORE, it does not seem to be a traditional buffer, let me explain.

When I start the video, It plays. Sound is good, quality is good...then the audio completely cuts out but the video still continues to play... This is also while the selection bar and time meter is paused as well. To reiterate. The 4k video plays, sound cuts out, red bar with time stamp at the bottom of the player stops but the video continues to play for a wile. (15-30 seconds)
Eventually the video stops as well and youtube crashes.....I have been searching for about 10 hours now for what could be causing this...any advice is welcomed. Sorry about the novel!
Are you on the latest Windows 10 version and all updates done?

Did you install the B550 Chipset drivers from the motherboard website or AMD's website depending on which one is the latest?

LAN drivers installed?

GPU drivers up to date?

What is your BIOS version?

Nice build except that CPU cooler and the RAM. The Hyper 212 isn't for a 3900X. Your temperature must be very high and probably thermal throlling.

The RAM. 2400MHz for an Intel is fine. For a Ryzen 3900X it's not. You need 3200/3600MHz RAM in that system.
Sep 4, 2020
Thanks for the reply!
So, I believe all my drivers are up to date and I also believe i'm on the latest version windows.
I will get my bios version and do another round of trying to check for updates though.
I even went as far as to uninstall chrome a couple times and re-install. No luck though.

It's funny you say that...about the RAM... I was originally going to go with 3200mhz of the same sticks but my "buddy" advised 2400...I had a hard time reaching him and ended up just getting the 2400 sticks...which were very expensive imo. (wont be getting that $ back) and as far as the cooler goes... you got me there. I do not know which cooler would be best advised for my build? Noctura maybe? I just wish they weren't brown lol.
My temps go up and down from about 39 -50... as stated. I am very ignorant about pretty much everything pc build related so please feel free to call out stupid when you see it. Are those numbers high?

ALSO....If you are AMD savvy...any suggestions for what my voltage settings should look like? CPU, RAM etc.