Help me overclock e8400 on EP43-UD3L


Aug 8, 2009
Hey guyss,

SO this will be my first over clock ever and I was wondering if I could get advice and a how too. I also have lots of questions.

SO im looking for a mellow over clock. My cpu is an e8400. My target range is about a bus of 375x9.
My question is in regards to core voltages and settings.
Ive heard its good to manaully set the voltages becuase the auto feature in bios will set them much to high. My voltages right now are
CPU VCore = 1.25000
Termination = 1.200
Reference= .805
MCH COre = 1.100
ICH i/o= 1.559
Dram = 1.800

I assume this is a very mellow over clock and would like to keep the voltages as close to stock as possible. Further if I change the bus speed will that auto change the speed of my ram and such or will that remain untouched? Further I have already disabled speed step soo no worries there.. I didnt like the idea of my cpu underlocked then reving up every so often.

THanks for the help!