Help me overclock mi i7 rig:p


Jan 2, 2009
my specs are
Mobo Rampage 2 extreme
core i7 920 stock cooler
3x2gb 1600 mhz
psu 850 W
videocard 4870x2
case antec 900

i just want to overclock it a bit to run faster in games:p
ty in advance


Jan 19, 2009
You've go some high end stuff there so i would recommend getting rid of the stock cooling and get liquid and then "FILL YA BOOTS" as they say.

O/C a system of that spec should be a doddle.

Stock volts and up the multiplier.

See what you get, keep an eye on temps at all times when your o/c ing.

That's to start, but once you start you can't stop... it's like a drug.

You have to go faster, just a few more points, just a little more voltage, just make it

I laugh but those that o/c regularly that are reading this post know i'm not joking.

You will find yourself sitting in your room with all the windows open and the ambient temperature around 9-10C, hat and gloves at the ready but you don't care because you just got an extra 200 points in 3DMark06.

But i personally wouldn't have it any other way.

Liquid cooling is a bit overboard, decent air cooling is good enough, especially for someone who's never overclocked before. It's definitely a good idea to bump the cooling up a bit though.