Help Me Pick a Case (First Time Builder)


Mar 13, 2012
Hello All,

Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I am embarking on my first computer build, and I'm trying to pick a case with the following qualities:

1. Excellent Cable Management - As this is my first time, I would like a good amount of room to play around.

2. Room Behind the MoBo - I have been reading reviews of cases, and there are quite a few people who complain about the area behind the motherboard. I have large hands, and this may be a concern for me. I would also like to add an aftermarket cooler (air, probably not going to do liquid cooling).

3. I really like the new Asus P8Z77 (Pro or Deluxe) MoBo's because of the Built in WiFi, and some of the other features. This series has a Black and Blue color scheme. I would like the case colors to be compatible (White, Black, Blue).

4. I would like enough room for a long video card. I will probably go with a GTX 680 once they're in stock for more than 20 minutes.

5. I would like the case to have dust filters. I have a giant dog, and he sheds quite a bit (the beast has been eating the trash as I write this).

What I have checked out so far (by Price range):

I. Low Price Range: NZXT Phantom (
Pros: Inexpensive (comparably), matches the color scheme, somewhat roomy
Cons: Can only use NZXT Fans(?), lots of plastic for my big hands to break, poor instructions

II. Mid Price Range: Cooler Master HAF X Blue Edition (
Pros: Matches the color scheme, seems roomy, comes with some extension cables for my poor cable management
Cons: People complain about build quality, say it has issues with GTX 680 (spacing wise), would need modification for a future SLI build

III. High Price Range: Thermaltake Level 10 GT (
Pros: Very cool looking design, Door has contact points instead of being hardwired, removable dust filters
Cons: Apparently doesn't fit all PSU's, Not that much space behind the MoBo, expensive

IV. Ultra High Range: Cooler Master Cosmos II: (
Pros: Beautiful Design, removable dust filters, loving the doors, lots of room
Cons: Price, some people have had quality issues, some say it has crappy cooling properties

I am open to suggestions, but would only ask that you provide the logic for your selection (even if it is "it looks cool"). This is essentially the second component I have chosen, assuming that I purchase one of the Asus Z77 MoBo's. Is this a good way to build a computer, or should I be choosing other components first?
Again, I'd like to thank you all for reading and responding. Cheers!

- CW


Apr 7, 2012
Hello there!

You have alot of questions there, but to answer the last question first. Yes if you ask me my priority is always choosing the Components at first. Performance is number one priority.

Now, it is important that you have plenty of space for cable management, airflow, etc. All of these cases offer this.

The HAF X is the one i would go with. It has dust filters all over the place, and you could always add some after market ones if your not satisfied.

It has plenty of space for pretty much anything you could put in there. GTX 680, 4 x 200mm Fans, 9 PCI Slots. It is realy just amazing :) It has some downsides, everything does.

Good luck with your build :))


Mar 13, 2012

Thank you for your response Viktorernst! I really like the little clip that supports the video card, as I see many pictures where people's video cards are slanted downwards due to their weight. It is a really neat feature that I have not seen on other cases. However, there is a review that complains about lack of video card spacing on the GTX 680. Has anyone fit a GTX 680 in this case? I will look around for some pictures to see how the spacing is.

Regarding other components:
I will be going with an Ivy i5 or i7. The Microcenter near me has the i7-3770K for $289 (not in stock at the moment, but hey).
Second, I am looking at air CPU coolers that match the case, and will probably make a second posting to discuss which cooler to buy.

Again, thank you for reading and replying.

- CW