Help Me Pick My IB CPU!


Apr 18, 2012
Hey guys -

I have almost everything for my build picked out, but I've run into an issue picking a processor. I'm planning to do the ASRock Extreme4 Z77 MOBO.

Here are the options. MicroCenter carries the i5-3570k for $190. I don't really plan to overclock, especially since I'm not getting a CPU cooler at this point.

MicroCenter also carries the i5-3450 for $150. However, the i5-3550 is curiously absent (by the way, anyone know why this is?).

So - is it worth it to get the 3570k if I don't plan to OC now or probably even in the near future? If not, will the 3450 suit my needs, which is primarily gaming? And if NOT, any clue if MicroCenter will ever get the 3550?

I can only find the 3550 online for more than MicroCenter is selling the 3570k for, so the 3550 seems like a non-option unless MicroCenter starts offering it. Thanks for the help!