HELP me please


Feb 2, 2001
I have a 566 celemine with 160 megs pc100 mem and an Asus Cusl2 mb. My problem is I cannot overclock stabily ( play games for about 2 minutes and I get either a frozen screen or it boots back to windows; also sometimes when I boot the computer restarts or I get `general protection error` in DOS )to 850 even at 1.8 volts. I must first boot up at 66, run in Windows for a few minutes and then only can I shut down and restart at 100. Questions are:

1.) If I run the system at 66mhz and at 1.8 vols, will I still have heat related problems ( I am trying to elliminate all possible problems )? If so then heat is not my problem.
2.) How can I get more Vcore voltage out of my system if the highest setting is 1.8? I would like to go to 1.9.



You can modify the pins to get higher voltage-look in the forums at, there are several thread where this is explained and links to pages that give diagrams. It all has to do with three pins and whether they are gounded or left open. If you set it higher this way, it will boot at the higher voltage (it normally boots at detected voltage and then jumps up to your setting after bios pops up). So the pin trick will give you a higher detected voltage, and a new set of overvolt settings.
You should gat a Globalwin FOP32 to keep it cool. Download Probe version 2.12.07 to get an idea what your real temps are-the previous version reads about 10-15C cooler than what is correct!
Finally, if all else fails, it could be that your ram is lying about it's cas latency, you may have to set cas latencey to 3/3/3 manually to get it to work.

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