Aug 8, 2009
Please help! I have a newer HP AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Core 2.20Ghz with 6 gigs ram. Running Vista 64 bit HOme premium. When I bought the computer about 4 months ago the video was stellar. Then one day I notice when I turned on the computer to play a game and watch a movie. MY GOD you could even play the game so chpped up andyou cant even watch a DVD anymore its choppy as hell same for streaming viedo as well. As I stated never had a problem before. oh I also noticed that voices even on video i have done, dvd,stereming all of them the vocies are off. When I checked my device manager I saw the dreaded exclamaiton point on display adapters. I tried to fix but no luck, I called HP and got OMAR who didnt help much and didnt understand hardly anyhting I said. So i went to the NVIDIA website and downloaded the driver for itinstall, beside Omar told me they had an update. Anyways installed the driver no more exclamation point and says working fine but still everything the same except its not at 640-480 and only 16 colors now. I can only get 1680x1050 with 32bit and before I could get 1900x1400 and it was awesome. PLEASE HELP!
Still sounds like driver gremlins or a faulty hard drive.
First use the Windows tools to check the hard drive for errors. Then download and install Speedfan. Run Speedfan and go to the S.M.A.R.T. tab, this will give you more detailed information on the hard drive status.
If all is well with the drive:

Set a restore point.
Download the latest drivers again, (just in case the first download was corrupt).
Download and install Driver Sweeper or Driver Cleaner and install.
Uninstall your current drivers.
Restart into Safe Mode and run the driver cleaner program. WARNING! These programs are not perfect, so examine every item it is going to delete and deselect any that look wrong.
Restart normally and ignore the Windows Wizards.
Install the drivers and restart.

What happened?


Apr 5, 2009
It sounds like you bought the same Gateway I bought. If that's the case, then here's your problem: the 780G, a.k.a. the HD 3200, a.k.a. the built in graphics accelerator. You have to go into bios and disable it. I wasn't even getting acceleration from the HD 3450 that came with mine until a buddy pointed it out for me. Oh yeah, for the sound problem you have to connect your VGA cable AND your DVI cable. Not sure why, but the sound works when I do that. Hope it helps!