Help me select a mother board Please


Oct 15, 2011

Longtime reader, first time poster. I am starting to gather parts for a build. The system will be a high end system and I am looking for the best motherboard for my particular needs. I want something that I can use Tri crossfire on if I choose to. I have already picked up two of the Asus 6950 Toxic cards and am thinking of a third.
Down the road I may use eyefinity, or possibly a 30 in monitor, I am undecided yet. I want the system to be able to do whatever I want it to. Will use a 2600K chip and will probably throw an SSD and two WD RE4 in Raid 0. I have looked at the Asus Maximus IV Extreme and the Asrock boards, but they seem to have terrible support after the purchase and may be buggy. I am looking for a Z68 board (I think) I am still trying to pick up all the nuances on the mother baord side and that is why I am looking for the help. I certainly appreciate any help you guys can provide me.