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It's a good looking rig, the PSU is a good unit, and the case actually has good cooling if you purchase the mesh front like an 'A' spec. The components in it now probably don't need that.

The biggest issue I see is that it's a first gen Ryzen which (according to current details) is not going to be able to run Windows 11. That may change later, but as of now to anyone paying attention this computer will be in a lurch come 2025.
As far as upgradability there is plenty of room for a nice upgrade into 2nd gen Ryzen. The current CPU is a workable unit for productivity and LIGHT gaming. I would place most of the issue there on an VERY aging GPU.

The other aspect here is that the GPU is worth WELL more than it would normally be considered for due to the shortage and plain out desperation on some folks part to find a card. The system is basically a door stop without it....

I really cannot speak intelligently as to the market where you are, but if I were going to be trying to sell, as a whole, locally I would probably list it in the $3-400 range and hope for something in the middle. The market around Atlanta is VERY competitive for used equipment. I would look at selling local, even for a bit less since eBay would take a bite as well as shipping.
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