Question Help me solve this! No HDD light, turns on, off, then on again, all fans spinning. Multiple changes still no answer

Feb 12, 2019
Hey all.

I recently tried installing a new motherboard, cpu and ram. After doing so, it would boot up but wouldnt have any signal. I learned that my CPU and motherboard may not be currently compatible and the motherboard would need an update. I swapped back to my old cpu, motherboard and ram. However now, it still wont boot up with signal. Now it turns off, on, then on again. No HDD light.
Ive looked through forums and have done the trouble shooting: one ram, no ram, changing cpu etc nothing. Could it be my hard drive or psu? I recently got a psu. I am thinking it would have to be related to them considering It still wont work after changing ram, cpu and motherboard.
"New build" - 9600k, H310m-e motherboard, 8gb ddr3
"old" - 3579k and 8gb dd3 ram.


"New build" - 9600k, H310m-e motherboard, 8gb ddr3
"old" - 3579k and 8gb dd3 ram.
  1. The DDR3 RAM will not work with the asus h310m-e but anyway the new i5 9600K can support DDR4 RAM only, and the old i5 3570K does support the ddr3 RAM.
  2. Most of the H310 MB will update the bios to support the i5 9600K.
So may return the H310 whatever the one you had, buy a Z390, because you had the K version cpu, then you can use the it out of box. Or you say I have to keep the H310, then make sure buy the DDR4 RAM and other cpu to update the BIOS first, then switch to the i5 9600K.

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