Help me to Choose Better Monitor to Reduce Eyes Strain

Nov 11, 2018
I have been working on computers for long time and have to for long hours. My eyes started having strain issue and got treatment, did eye muscle exercise and now it's better.

I used to use good 23" monitor (which is broken now) having :
5 ms
60 Hz
IPS Panel
1920 x 1080
Bit depth: 8 bit

Planning to buy a new monitor which doesn't give me eye strain or at least help me to reduce eye strain without costing too much.

Which factors should I consider while buying a new monitor which is good for eyes like:

1 ms or 5 ms
Free sync or flicker free
hz and refresh rate

use blue light filter glasses :)

Im quite sure your optician can make those for your current pair of glasses , or if you want some fashion glasses.
Else you can get a super cheap pair from amazon or anywhere.

I have used them for a year and they are a major help.
Nov 11, 2018

1. Let me clear, I don't wear glasses, my eye sight is fine, eye doctor confirmed it.

2. Thank you for recommendation, Did you get these glasses (which you recommended) from your local store or did you get from Amazon (is amazon one is reliable, did anyone used it before whom you know? (a feedback is much helpful before buying))?

3. I also updated my thread with more information which might help you or perhaps others to share some suggestions in terms of technology: is there anything from technology aspect which I must consider while getting monitor which will help my eyes to stay relax.

1) you can get glasses without strength, you can get a fashion glasses like a rayban (saying some ramdon brand) with a blue filter.
The benefit from this is , it works for all monitors.

I got one cool pair from a the optican (no strength) with a filter.

2) [strike]your monitor is really good, so it would be sad to throw that away for nothing in return[/strike].
2 options....

1) matches all your requirements

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

Monitor: Asus - VG245H 24.0" 1920x1080 75 Hz Monitor ($181.99 @ Amazon)
Total: $181.99
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-11-22 14:41 EST-0500

2) matches a part of your requirements.

remember that option 1 monitor still is a tn panel , meaning it wont look that good like your previous monitor ( greens are paper green not dark green).

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