Question Help me to overclock my MSI GT 730 DDR3

6GHz? mostly it's a false report, 2500 cant be multiply overclocked, even BCLK wont reach that high to boot. Overclocking the vram wont be much a performance lift compared to my 730 using gddr5 which could overclock +275mhz stable. Core clock could be uplifted to +100mhz, but it depends on the gpu lottery. Use nvidia inspector to increase the voltage offset to +185mV or +212mV, and start increasing the core clock by +5 or +10 and stress test it, see if it stable.


Jun 5, 2020
basic guidelines on how to overclock:

-run a stress test such as heaven

-in afterburner, increase core by 10 or so mhz till it crashes, then back off till stable.

-increase mem clocks 20 or so mhz until it crashes then back of till stable.

save your settings, then try different games. Some games may not like the oc and you would need to back it off a bit for that specific game.
What do you hope to accomplish with this?

While the Kepler version of the GT730 overclocks very well, that particular card you have is really no faster than the integrated HD Graphics 3000 built into your i5-2500. About the best you can say is it's a DX11 card with DX12 drivers where the IGP is DX10 only.

See, while the GDDR5 version that Koekieezz has may be as fast as HD Graphics 4600 IGP in Haswell processors, it's some 2.5x as fast as the DDR3 version which is absolutely strangled in memory bandwidth--and that particular card is running even slower clocks than the reference card.

The specs in the ad proudly proclaim it's DDR3-1600 when the reference card is 1800, and that's only 64-bits wide so essentially single-channel at 12.8GB/s. With dual-channel DDR3-1333 the IGP on your i5 can see 21.2GB/s which is nearly double (so I suppose it is pretty impressive that it can perform as well with only half the memory bandwidth...)

My suggestion is to forget about the core speed and try to overclock the memory as far as it goes. Maybe you can get it up to the reference clock which provides a blazing 14.4GB/s just like a GT710! Then it would be like a GT710 with twice as many shaders.