Question Help me understand the connections of my Yamaha-RX363


Nov 21, 2014
Alright so I want to connect my AV Receiver to my PC is there an easy way that it can be done? It has an HDMI port but it's mainly for video not arc

How do I use RCA/spdif cables from the receiver to my motherboard, I of course connect the speaker cables to the AV Receiver and the subwoofer on the output but then what happens with the other cables do I get a RCA to RCA cable or something?

My motherboard doesn't have 5.1 speaker jacks, however there are USB dacs and Sound Cards that could do that right?

Here's the specs:

Here's the back picture: (Do I connect RCA or spdif cable to multi-ch input or right next to it?)

Should I even bother with this, it won't sound as good as with HDMI I'd assume

Motherboard: asus p8h61-m lx3 plus r2.0
GPU: GTX 970
CPU: I7-3770
HDMI is the easiest and if you are only 1080p/60hz most AVRs support that, common problem if you have 144hz your AVR won't do that

so you can use the rear analog jacks for 5.1 no problem just need 3 sets of decent shielded cables like this where the blue is rear channel L/R, the green is the front channel L/R and the pink is the sub/center channels to your AVR

or yes a sound card with optical out like this or a bit more premium card like this and a cable like this