Help me w acer aspire one w "going to a blk screen w configuring windows on bott


Nov 18, 2012
i just bought this computer off craigslist, last time I do that. Anyway it was on when i bought it to show me that it worked. When i came home i fell asleep w it on and when i woke up i tried to start it and it went to a black screen and said pci ethernet controller! I tried restarting it a few times afterwords and got to the point where it says configuring windows on the bottom of the screen and it just stays there? I tried calling the "lovely" person who sold me this computer and after trying her solution which was to restart the computer and continu press f8 and select the second option which I did , and now I get the exact same results w an extra bonus ...a beep! This beep beeps about every thirty sec@ Now I'm completly stuck...PLEASE HELP ME!
The beeps are beep codes. They are the bios telling you what part failed. Go look in the trouble shooting section of the manual. They call out the failing part "bad memory" "bad viceo" etc.

If you can tell which BIOS is used (AMI,etc.) then you can google beep code and the bios makers name. Each bios maker has their own beep codes, but they tend to use the same ones for all BIOS levels.

Configuring Windows is probably not a good thing to see. Note that computers like the acer aspire usually have a recovery partition that will allow you to restore to a factory fresh software image. AFTER you find and fix the cause of the beeping you should wipe our their image and start fresh. Nothing on the sw load will cause beep codes though - they are hardware fails before you load the operating system (windows)