Help me with my laptop gpu


Jul 28, 2009
hi i have a laptop with a 210m gpu with 512mb of onboard memory. and some of my games lag. so. am i able to get more memory from the laptop itself. my laptop has 4gb of memory. so 512mb to 1.5gb. and will it even make a differance. 5 to 10 fps more with more memory
Hello and welcome to teh forums :) yes u can upgrade your laptops RAM but 4GB is enough,those lags are because G 210M is a midrange card that can handle games at medium-low settings with a resolution like 1280x1024,so lower your in-game settings and u should be fine


Sep 20, 2009

G210M is a Midrange card and its not gud for playing games at higher details and resolution,Decrease the resolution and details,u will be able to play with out lags!

With regards!

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The laptop memory you can upgrade (4GB).
But I agree that's enough memory for just about everything.

But by the looks of your post it looks like you would like to upgrade the the GPU memory. First, you can't upgrade GPU memory. If you have 512MB your stuck with 512MB.

Second, you would not see an increase in your frame rate. You just need a better GPU.

In laptops is not easy and sometimes not even possible to upgrade the GPU. I would call the manufacturer of your laptop and see if they have any GPUs available for your laptop that are higher performance than yours. Don't be surprised if they have nothing to offer. Most laptops are made with only 1 or 2 GPUs in mind and they are made to fit that specific laptop. (Because the components are small and there are very few laptop standards.)

That is why the other 2 people suggested you lower your games' graphics setting.
That or get a desktop. If your a gamer desktops rule because they are easier to upgrade and the standards allow for many different components.