help me with my ram please


Aug 13, 2005
Hi i was wondering if anyone who is smart out there could help me and tell if i could over clock my ram and how high i could go there is the spec on the ram at the bottom please tell me if i could over clock it and how to do it.. i overclock my amd x 2 4400 from 2.0 ghz to 2.5 ghz and it runs nice iw anna overclock my ram though please help me...

Brand OCZ
Series Platinum
Model OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K
Type 184-Pin DDR SDRAM
Tech Spec
Capacity 2GB (2 x 1GB)
Speed DDR 400 (PC 3200)
Cas Latency 2
Timing 2-3-2-5
Voltage 2.6V - 2.8V
Heat Spreader Yes
Features Mirrored Platinum Copper Heatspreader
Enhanced Latency Technology
Recommend Use High Performance or Gaming Memory
If you want informed help, you need to provide your system specs, so we can all know how to help you better.

To answer your questions tho....

Yes, you can overclock it. However, since each motherboard is different, it is very difficult to tell you how to overclock it.

Some general things to note:

Overclocking can be dangerous, will most likely shorten the lifespan of your RAM, and only offers approximately 2-5% more performance, at best.

If you are overclocking, you need to loosen the timings and CAS Latency to something like 3-3-3-8 before starting, so that your timings don't cause problems.

Do NOT set your voltage on your RAM to more than 2.8. Anything more can easily burn out your RAM.

You will need to look into your FSB:RAM ratio, since you are already overclocking the processor, all you need to do is change the FSB:Memory ratio. You need to be very careful though. Too much of a change in your memory ratio can result in burning out the RAM.

For further answers, your best bet would be to use google and do a search on overclocking your ram with your motherboard. You'd be surprised at the results you get.

Good luck with it if you try it! Let us know how well you do!


Aug 13, 2005
I got amd x2 4400 , 600 power supply, 240 raid 0 hard drives..x1900xtx radeon crossfire pcix16 512 megs, motherbaord is asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

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