Question help me with this oc pls

May 20, 2020
Hello everyone i have been trying for the last months to tweak my pc to the best preformance since i lost my job trough covid and always had the feeling it aint right ive done alottt of research and reading since i got a new monitor with g-sync and had no idea what it was and started to research in it and as soon i got more and more info the more complex it got now i just want to get the best settings and everytime i find some i think is good some new setting or thing pops up for me to keep me busy and intreged to tweak that so now my question is ssince im also new to this overclocking stuff
What do you guys think of my scores i hadin 3dmark and cinebenchr20 and what is you guys tips and feedback so i can even improve my setup more ill give u some 3dmark test that was from beginning tweaking to further , ill also put my specs down and is there somebody who can please assist me trough the bios settings also cause im not getting trough it with the pbo core preformance boost etc etc etc but that most likly will all fall in place with some info i dont know yet so i hope you guys can help me out a bit i would realy appreciate that
and how to set the gsync and control panel nvidia
pc specs ::::
Case : Sharkoon VG4-W Red (Window)
Sound reducer : Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition (2x Rode LED Fans)
Motherboard : ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS
  • some bios settings i changed
  • disabled PBO
  • disabled core preformance boost
  • disabled Global C-state
  • D.O.C.P enabled
  • Preformance bias - none
  • VDDCR CPU load line calibration - Medium
  • VDDCR Soc load line calibartion - Regular
  • CMD2T - 1T
  • Memmory freq - 3200
  • FClk - 1600
CPU core ratio
- Gear down mode and power down mode - Disabled
CPU : 4.3 ghz with Cpu core voltage 1.4 volt --- not stable yet
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor (6x 3600MHz - Turbo 4200MHz)
CPU FAN: Cooler Master Hyper H412R
RAM : 2x8 GB DDR4 2667 MHZ Corsair Vengance XMP oc to 3200 think its stable
Stock in msi afterburner
Core Voltage (%) : 0
Power limit (%) : 100
Temp Limit (C) : 83
Core clock (mhz) : 0 (base 1470)
Mermmory Clock (mhz) : 0 (base 7000)

after little tweaking :
Core Voltage (%) : 100
Power limit (%) : 108
Temp Limit (C) : 88
Core clock (mhz) : Curve (belive its 180)
Mermmory Clock (mhz) 850

Onboard 7.1 Surround Sound
SSD :250GB Solid State Drive (Crucial MX500)
HDD :1000GB (1TB) Hard Disk Drive (7200RPM)
PSU :Seasonic M12ll EVO 620W
Monitor:Acer xv253q Nitro gaming
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow chorma ultimate
Mouse:Razer Deathadder v2
Headset:Razer Kraken 7.1 tournement edition thx spatial

some 3dmark results :
3dmark Cinebench
1st test 1st test
gpu : 8837 3597
CPU : 6899
Tot : 8479

2nd test 2nd test
GPU : 8864 3757
CPU : 6657
Tot : 8444

3th test 3th test
GPU : 9340 crash
CPU : 7101
tot : 8918

4th test
GPU : 9553
CPU : 7036
tot : 9051

5th test
GPU : 9544
CPU : 7134
Tot : 9083

6th test
GPU : 9564
CPU : 7494
Tot : 9183