Question Help! Monitor stuck at 4k@28HZ

Jul 30, 2020
So for some background info, my monitor is the LG 27ul600 which obviously isn't the issue and I'm using the cable that came from the box which supports 4k@60HZ so it's clearly an issue with my laptop. I've been using my laptops HDMI port to connect the two but I now suspect it's limited to 1.4 hence why it doesn't support 2.0 which is what's needed for 60HZ. It also doesn't appear like HDR is showing up but I don't care about that. My laptop uses Intel HD graphics 620 and has no dedicated GPU but I know the 620 supports 4096 x 3280 @ 60HZ so it must be the port and/or the motherboard. Is there ANY way I can get around this without scrapping my whole laptop? Any type of cable/chip/conversion that can solve this for 4k@60HZ. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Laptop model: HP Pavilion x360 m3 convertible with an i5-7200U CPU/ Intel HD graphics 620.