Question HELP! Motherboard not working after installing new cpu cooler

Sep 27, 2023
Mobo: maximus viii hero
So I recently installed a new cpu cooler in my pc and it was going fine. I plugged everything in and it booted up fine. But I tried switching some cables in the back and when I moved the pc, it went dark. I took it out again and tried unplugging some cables and switch the ram. Still does not work. What's strange is the red lights on the mobo is on showing that it's getting power. But it seems like the power flow is weak because the start and reset button on the bottom of the mobo is flickering some times. I got it to boot up a few times when switching a few things. But once I turned it off a tried again, it went back to the same problem. The times it did boot, the orange light on. I notice that if the rgb ROG logo on the mobo is on, it can boot. So it seems like the mobo is half on strangely. I've jumped the psu and it seems to be fine. I've checked every power connection and everything is connected. I narrowed down the problem to be something with the mobo or the power connector with it. If you think it's a different problem, please give me ideas on how to fix this.