help!!!!!!!! MSI P965 Platinum


Aug 29, 2007
I've purchased the MSI P965 Platinum board, installed it, and noticed that the Floppy Drive Controller doesn't work... it doesn't seek for the floppy drive at boot up, and doesnt read/write the floppy... in windows when a floppy it says please insert a floppy drive, so it doesnt detect when a floppy disk is inserted either ... in linux i get sector errors when i try reading the floppy device, and I still get the same error even when there's no disk in the drive, or even if the floppy drive is not plugged in to the drive...
I've tried switching floppy drives, same thing (so the possibility of floppy drive not working is ruled out)
(yes floppy drive is enabled in both settings in the bios)
So I figured that the motherboard came with a defective FD controller, so I returned it to the store and exchanged it for another MSI P965 Platinummotherboard... installed the new MB , and guess what, EXACT SAME THING! No FD read/write/access!
is MSI shipping their P965 Platinum boards with a defective FD controller??
Since not a lot of people build computers anymore, and those that do, don't have floppy drives (because they're "outdated" and have no use for a system with a newer Intel CPU that P965 takes). and those that have floppy drives dont have MSI boards, maybe it could be that this bug has gone unnoticed for a long time???
Or could someone have a solution, perhaps tell me what to do?


Try using a new floppy drive cable. The cable you have may be defective. The cable must be attached correctly for the floppy drive to work correctly. From your description, you installed the cable incorrectly or have a bad one.


Jan 19, 2007
Well ive builded 4 pc for me and friends and all have the p965 platinum mobo. The Floppy drive works just fine. For sure you are doing something wrong. read the mobos instructions first as some mobo require some things extra or something different to do