Question Help!!My computer turns of then turns off

Dec 17, 2020
First of all my computer was working fine the day before it started happening and then when I turned on my computer it was turning on regularly I went to go get something to drink and it was off and I was confused why so I turned it on again and a few seconds after it turned off and I'm wondering why and then I saw something that might help when it turns off my motherboard has a little line of orange on it then turns off.

Pc specs:i3 9100f,b365m ds3h,16gb XPG 3000 mhz ram,Powercolor rx 570,darkFlash DLM21 MESH ,MasterLiquid lc240e rgb,2tb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm,SanDisk ssd plus 1tb internal ssd,3 uphere rgb fans,and a segotrp 650 watt fully moududlar power supply.
and tried a new power supply and took everything out of my pc and put it back in and it still does it is it my mobo?
Grab a screw driver,locate your PW + and PW - front panel cables,disconnect them,and put the tip of the screw driver on them,so it bridges 2 connectors.If it works,it means that there is a short somewhere in the connectors,and you should look into replacing it.If it doesnt,then we will use the system of elimination to find out what is the problem.Also do you have a motherboard speaker?
Um,thats a fire.
Swap out the powersupply real fast,before it fries anything,if it didnt already fry something.
Thats the cpu power cable i think,so pray to god that it didnt fry the motherboard or the cpu.Either that is a fire or something else but what else could it be if its in the back of the motherboard?