Question Help! My computer wont turn on for unknown reason!


Aug 25, 2017
I swapped out my wifi adapater and when i turned off my computer and flicked the back switch off i pressed the power button to make sure all the powers out. Make it completely dead of power, which is what ive done for years with no issue. Just to note, right before this, unrelated to the wifi card my boot ssd wasnt recongnised as boot priority#1 for some reason. So when id boot itd say i need to plug in a media device or whatever, which i fixed. Its not related but i thought i may aswell mention it, just in case. And now after with everything seemingly fine, it wont even turn on!

I've done the whole change the socket its plugged in and what not, changed the ac cable. Its not that.

I tryed clearing cmos for whatever that would do when its completely unresponsive in the first place.

I even got another powersupply and hooked it up to power it on. Nothing!
This is tremendously annoying as ive got a hard lined custom loop thats been running perfectly for 2 months now.
My specs
Cpu: ryzen 3700x
Motherboard: gigabyte x470 aurous ultra gaming
Gpu: rtx 2080
Ram: 2x8 corsair vengence pro rgb 3000mhz
Ssd: samsung evo 250gb boot
Ssd: 2x samsung qvo 1tb
Hhd: seagate 1tb
Any help would be appreciated!!