Question Help! my gpu clock and memory clock are up and down so much, it's new graphic card

Oct 11, 2019
First sorry if my english is bad, it's not my main language.

i've got this video card 3 days ago rtx 2060 msi gammming z, the last 3 days everything was good but today i download battlefield 5 and when i started to play i noticed fps drop from 75 fps to 40 ...35fps, and when i open msi afterburning i saw there was an unusual activty, the gpu clock and mem clock where up and down.
the temps of the GPU are right i think when i play dota 2 temps are 30-35º C and the CPU the same 30 - 35º .
on max load the GPU is 55-60 ºC and the CPU 45 - 50ºC

Image link : Image link

My specs are
CPU: Core i7 8700
Water Cooler : Captain 240 pro
MotherBoard: Msi Z370 gamming pro carbon
Ram: 2x8 Gb 2666 Mhz
SSD: 240 Gb
Gpu: Rtx 2060 msi gamming z
Psu: Cougar 650w
Chasis: turret cougar
OS: Windows 10

i also can say that i usually play dota 2 and the mem clock was always 7001 mhz but now it's 5001 mhz and some times it goes to 7001mhz again.
does anyone can help me please : ( ?

the last thing is i got this video card by RMA because i had a previous rtx 2060 msi gammming z, it had the same problem but i thought it was by temps problem because that card had 70 -80ºC on max load and on idle was 40-45ºC.

i just wanna find a solution, this is really driving me crazy, and i worked a lot to get this computer as this is my first pc gamer