Help my hard disk and cd rom both not detected


Feb 10, 2012
i really dont now what to do T_T

if i unplug my cd rom my pc cant detect hard disk normally and goes work well to boot

but if i put my cd rom it cannot detect both hard disk and cd rom ive check in my bios and no cd rom & hard disk and not booting then theres continousley spamming message "please restart and put correct blah blah "

im using american trends bios
help me i cant install my new os without cd rom T_T

sory for my bad english
Make sure you have your chipset drivers installed. If you already have your chipset drivers installed, read on.

I'm not sure what the problem is, but a bios update might fix the problem. Just go to your motherboard manufacturer's web site and download the newest firmware for it. It will also include instructions on how to update your bios.