Help, my monitor is all gray


Mar 29, 2010
It is a LCD viewsonic 19' inch, I think it is a bit old because it is 5:4 with max res of 1280x1024.
My monitor is all gray when I switched it on, normally it is all black. I tried turning it on and off, removing the connection between the monitor and the video card but it still doesn't work.
I tried opening the OSD menu but nothing shows up on the screen. I can see a very washed out image of my desktop after turning it on but it will slowly disappear.

At first I was nervous that it was my video card which is a 5870 that is broken, but I borrowed another monitor and it worked.

Do you think it is already broken?

I do not mind replacing it because I have been thinking of replacing it with a 23' or 24' inch for some time now.


Jun 19, 2011
Your monitor is not broken, if it works, use it till it dies unless it's making you blind or something... If you get a 24", get a 24"(23.6" veiw) @ 1920x1200 5ms with LED backlit or a 23"(22" view) at 1680x1050 2ms with LED backlit... you dont have too if you dont want too but it's just the resolution that no more pixel is added in, you'll get it when you buy a 60" tv at 1366x768 resolution lol...