Help - My New Monitor is Blinking!?

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Apr 19, 2005
I upgraded from an Acer 1680x1050 LCD, to a LG IPS234t-pn 1920x1080 LED.

Of course the old monitor was working fine. It uses a DVI connection.

The new monitor blinks off and on every couple minutes for a few seconds, or more often if I am clicking on different windows, etc. It also flashes a “DVI input” symbol in the upper right corner when it does it, to tell me there is a problem…? There is also static along the right border of the screen, and very slight static over the desktop icons.

I’ve tried checking the monitor connections (uses a power brick), re-seating the video card, installing the monitor driver, although that usually isn’t necessary… I couldn’t find a cheap replacement DVI cable locally…

So what do you think? Bad monitor, DVI cable, or video card?

Ps. Seems like I had a similar problem with the border static on the old monitor years ago, but it cured itself…
Not open for further replies.